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9.2.0 Godsdienstwetenschappen Wereldreligies

The Vinland Sagas
Penguin, 2008, pap, 94 pp, € 15.95, 9780140447767
Armstrong, Karen
De grote transformatie. Het begin van onze religieuze trandities
In De grote transformatie beschrijft Karen Armstrong de cruciale periode in de geschiedenis waarin de vier grote wereldgodsdiensten zijn ontstaan. De grote transformatie is een wervelende ontdekkingsreis naar de vroege ervaringen van de mensheid, hun verlangens, zelf opgelegde plichten en inspirerende oplossingen. Geschreven in de kenmerkende Armstrong-stijl, erudiet en uiterst toegankelijk, is dit boek een fascinerende analyse van de religieuze en filosofische wortels van de menselijke beschaving.
De Bezige Bij, 2005, pap, 544 pp, € 15.00, 9789023422631
Armstrong, Karen
Een geschiedenis van God. Vierduizend jaar jodendom, christendom en islam
De idee van een goddelijk wezen bestaat al vierduizend jaar. In dit boek onderzoekt Karen Armstrong de ontwikkeling van deze idee in het jodendom, het christendom en de islam. In dit belangrijke en controversiele boek beschrijft Armstrong niet een geschiedenis van God zoals hij is, maar zoals de mens in Hem gelooft.
Anthos, 2009, pap, 511 pp, € 15.00, 9789023489078
Armstrong, Karen
Jeruzalem, een geschiedenis van de heilige stad
Van alle steden op de wereld heeft Jeruzalem waarschijnlijk de boeiendste en meest bewogen geschiedenis. In dit fascinerende boek beschrijft Karen Armstrong de geschiedenis van deze stad van het vroegste begin tot aan de huidige tijd. Jeruzalem was de Heilige Stad voor drie godsdiensten - Armstrongs verhaal is dan ook eigenlijk het verhaal van drie steden. Zij beschrijft het leven in de stad, de belangrijkste historische figuren, de kunst, de architectuur, de geografie, de bouw van de heilige plaatsen en de verwoede pogingen van de drie grote godsdiensten om zich de Heilige Stad toe te eigenen.
Bezige Bij, 2006, pap, 523 pp, € 15.00, 9789023422655
Bakas, A. & M. Buwalda
De toekomst van God (met muziek waar Hij van houdt)
Scriptum, 2006, geb, 240 pp + cd, € 22.50, 9055945013 / 9789055945016
Boyce, M.
Zoroastrians. Their religious Beliefs and Practices
This book traces the continuous history of the faith from the time it was preached by Zoroaster down to the present day - a span of about 3,500 years. First taught among nomads on the Asian steppes, Zoroastrianism became the state religion of the three great Iranian empires and had a remarkable influence on other world faiths: to the east on northern Buddhism, to the west on Judaism, Christianity and Islam. With the conquest of Iran by the Muslim Arabs, Zoroastrianism lost its secular power, but continued to survive as a minority faith. Despite its antiquity, it remains a living religion.
The Library of Religious Beliefs and Practices, Routledge, 2001, pap, 252 pp, € 34.50, 9780415239035
Bulkeley, K.
Dreaming in the World Religions, a Comparative Study
New York UP, 2008, pap, 330 pp, € 24.90, 9780814799574
Burrell, D.
Faith and Freedom: An Interfaith Perspective
Challenges in Contemporary Theology, Blackwell Publishing, 2004, pap, 266 pp, € 25.50, 1405121718
Buswell, R.E. (ed.)
Religions of Korea in Practice
Princeton Readings in Religions, Princeton UP, 2007, pap, 542 pp, € 27.90, 0691113475 / 9780691113470
Chase, M. (ed.)
Einarr Skulason’s Geisli. A Critical Edition
Toronto Old Norse and Icelandic Studies Series, Toronto UP, 2005, pap, 249 pp, € 34.00, 9780802038227
Clarke, P.B. (ed).
Encyclopedia of New Religious Movements
Routledge, 2008, pap, 686 pp, € 48.50, 9780415453837
Clooney, F.X.
Divine Mother, Blessed Mother: Hindu Goddesses and the Virgin Mary
Print On Demand
Oxford UP, 2005, geb, 264 pp, € 46.00, 0195170377 / 9780195170375
Davies, N.
World Christianity in the 20th Century
SCM Core Text, SCM, 2008, pap, 308 pp, € 35.00, 9780334040439
Davies, N. & M. Conway
World Christianity in the 20th Century
SCM Reader, SCM, 2008, pap, 285 pp, € 36.95, 9780334040446
Davies, O.
Magic. A Very Short Introduction
Defining 'magic' is a maddening task. Over the last century numerous philosophers, anthropologists, historians, and theologians have attempted to pin down its essential meaning, sometimes analysing it in such complex and abstruse depth that it all but loses its sense altogether. For this reason, many people often shy away from providing a detailed definition, assuming it is generally understood as the human control of supernatural forces. 'Magic' continues to pervade the popular imagination and idiom. People feel comfortable with its contemporary multiple meanings, unaware of the controversy, conflict, and debate its definition has caused over two and a half millennia. In common usage today 'magic' is uttered in reference to the supernatural, superstition, illusion, trickery, religious miracles, fantasies, and as a simple superlative. The literary confection known as 'magical realism' has considerable appeal and many modern scientists have ironically incorporated the word into their vocabulary, with their 'magic acid', 'magic bullets' and 'magic angles'. Since the so-called European Enlightenment magic has often been seen as a marker of primitivism, of a benighted earlier stage of human development. Yet across the modern globalized world hundreds of millions continue to resort to magic - and also to fear it. Magic provides explanations and remedies for those living in extreme poverty and without access to alternatives. In the industrial West, with its state welfare systems, religious fundamentalists decry the continued moral threat posed by magic. Under the guise of neo-Paganism, its practice has become a religion in itself. Magic continues to be a truly global issue. This Very Short Introduction does not attempt to provide a concluding definition of magic: it is beyond simple definition. Instead it explores the many ways in which magic, as an idea and a practice, has been understood and employed over the millennia.
A Very Short Introduction, Oxford UP, 2012, pap, 135 pp, € 12.50, 9780199588022
Debray, Regis
God. An Itinerary
van 44,- voor 20,-

God, who has changed the lives--and deaths--of men and women, has in turn changed His face and His meaning several times over since His birth three thousand years ago. He may have kept the same name throughout, but God has been addressed in many different ways and cannot be said to have the same characteristics in the year 500 bc as in 400 ad or in the twenty-first century, nor is He the same entity in Jerusalem or Constantinople as in Rome or New York. The omnipotent and punitive God of the Hebrews is not the consoling and intimate God of the Christians, and is certainly not identical with the impersonal cosmic Energy of the New Agers. Regis Debray's purpose in this major new book is to trace the episodes of the genesis of God, His itinerary and the costs of His survival. Debray shifts the spotlight away from the theological foreground and moves it backstage to the machinery of divine production by going back, from the Law, to the Tablets themselves and by scrutinizing Heaven at its most down-to-earth. Throughout this beautifully illustrated book, he is able to focus his attention not just on what was written, but on how it was written: with what tools, on what surface, for what social purpose and in what physical environment. God: An Itinerary takes the reader from the invention of a God for nomadic cattle herders to a world dominated by God's own moralizing 'cowboys'. In doing so, it links the history of the Everlasting with the history of the West, illuminating both in the process, and throwing light on contemporary civilisation itself.

Verso, 2004, geb, 307 pp, € 20.00, 9781859845899
Desodt, Stef
Zoveel godsdiensten voor die ene God
Davidsfonds, 2011, pap, 192 pp, € 22.50, 9789058267979
Diamond, L., M.F. Plattne & P.J. Costopoulos (eds)
World Religions and Democracy
John Hopkins UP, 2005, pap, 262 pp, € 21.60, 0801880807
Doornenbal, R.
Mailen over wereldreligies. In gesprek over het Evangelie met andersgelovigen
CHE Reeks, Boekencentrum, 2007, pap, 135 pp, € 12.90, 9789023921639
DuBois, T.A.
An Introduction to Shamanism
Cambridge UP, 2009, pap, 317 pp, € 24.90, 9780521695367
Ellwood, R.S. (ed.)
The Encyclopedia of World Religions
Facts on File Library of Religion and Mythology, Facts on File Publishing, 2007, geb, 514 pp, € 53.50, 9780816061419
Esposito, J. L., D. J. Fasching, T. Lewis
Religions of the West Today
Oxford UP, 2009, pap, 224 pp, € 50.90, 9780195373615
Esposito, J.L., D.J. Fasching & T. Lewis (eds)
World Religions Today
Oxford UP, 2006, pap, 560 pp, € 74.00, 0195176995 / 9780195365634
Foster, L.V.
Handbook to Life in the Ancient Maya World
The ancient Mayan civilization of southern Mexico and northern Central America has long been described as "mysterious," even though scholars have been studying this culture for hundreds of years. Our view of the Maya has changed dramatically based on the various findings of these scholars; what were once thought of as "vacant ceremonial centers," inhabited by only a few calendar priests and used as places of ritual by the surrounding peasant farmers, have now been redefined as ancient thriving cities of thousands of Maya. Hierogliphic inscriptions, once thought to be astrological mumbo-jumbo, now read as names of historical individuals and the cities they ruled.

The Handbook to Life in the Ancient Maya World provides a comprehensive and accessible reference to the greatest and most mysterious of civilizations, hailed for its contributions to science, mathematics, and technology. The book focuses on recent groundbreaking discoveries while presenting the civilization's earlist beginnings to its conquest by the Spanish in the 16th Century. Each chapter is supplemented by an extensive bibliography as well as photographs. original line drawings, and maps. Different sections include civilization and archaeology, evolution, geography, society and government, astronomy and the calendar, funerary beliefs and customs, and many more.

Oxford UP, 2005, pap, 402 pp, € 19.95, 9780195183634
Een God drie religies. Een vergelijkend woordenboek
Pelckmans/ Meinema, 2008, geb, 180 pp, € 18.50, 9789021142067
Geaves, R.
Wereldgodsdiensten van A tot Z. Boeddhisme, christendom, hindoeisme, islam, jodendom
Wereldgodsdiensten van A tot Z is een reeks woordenboekjes op het gebied van de grote wereldgodsdiensten: boeddhisme, christendom, hindoeisme, islam en jodendom. Deze reeks biedt een lexicon met heldere en toegankelijke basisinformatie en uitleg over religie, met alle sleuteltermen en concepten, evenals de belangrijkste personen en stromingen. De afzonderlijke boekjes zijn uitermate geschikt als studiemateriaal.
Boom, 2009, pap, set, € 49.50, 9789085067740
Geldner, K.F.
Der Rig-Veda aus dem Sanskrit ins Deutsche ubersetzt und mit einem laufenden Kommentar versehen
by order
Harvard UP, 1951/2003, pap, 1352 pp, € 56.00, 0674012267 / 9780674012264
Griffel, F.
Ibn Rushd. Mabgebliche Abhandlung Fasl al-maqal
Verlag der Weltreligionen, 2010, geb, 250 pp, € 28.00, 9783458700265
Gwynne, P.
World Religions in Practice: A Comparative Introduction
Blackwell, 2008, pap, 427 pp, € 29.50, 9781405167031
Harvey, G.
Animism. Respecting the Living World
Hurst, 2005, pap, 248 pp, € 26.50, 1850657580
Henry, P. (ed)
Benedict’s Dharma. Buddhists Reflect on the Rule of St Benedict
print on demand
Continuum, 2002, pap, 223 pp, € 24.95, 082646193x / 9780826461933
Hinnells, J.R. (ed.)
The Penguin Dictionary of Religions. Second Edition
Penguin, 2005, pap, 760 pp, € 17.50, 9780140512618
Joas, H. & K. Wiegandt (eds.)
Secularization and the World Religions
Liverpool UP, 2009, pap, 256 pp, € 21.50, 9781846311888
Kahn, D.-S.
Crossing the Threshold. Understanding Religious Identities in South Asia
k 84
The Institute of Ismaili Studies/ I B Tauris, 2004, geb, 185 pp, € 20.00, 1850434352 / 9781850434351
Kim, S. & K. Kim
Christianity as a World Religion
Continuum, 2008, pap, 272 pp, € 28.50, 9780826498410
Kingsley, P.
A Story Waiting to Pierce You: Mongolia, Tibet and the Destiny of the Western World
Golden Sufi Center, 2010, pap, 192 pp, € 19.50, 9781890350215
Loichinger, A., A. Kreiner
Theodizee in den Weltreligionen. Ein Studienbuch
Schoningh, 2010, geb, 225 pp, € 19.90, 9783825234201
Loichinger, A. und A. Kreiner
Theodizee in den Weltreligionen. Ein Studienbuch
Ferdinand Schoningh Verlag, 2010, geb, 225 pp, € 22.95, 9783825234201
Lurker, M.
The Routledge Dictionary of Gods and Goddesses, Devils and Demons
This dictionary covers over 1800 of the most important deities and demons from around the world. From classical Greek and Roman mythology to the gods of Eastern Europe and Mesopotamia, from Nordic giants to Islamic jinns and Egyptian monsters, it has descriptions of the figures most worshipped and feared around the world and across time.
Routledge, 2004, pap, 263 pp, € 26.50, 9780415340182
Marty, M.E. & R.S. Appleby (eds)
Fundamentalism Comprehended
By order
The Fundamentalism Project Series, Chicago UP, 2004, pap, 522 pp, € 35.95, 0226508889 / 9780226508887
Mathisen, R.
Critical Issues in American Religious History: A Reader
Baylor U.P, 2006, pap, 827 pp, € 41.95, 1932792392 / 9781932792393
Meer, Annine van der
Van Sophia tot Maria. De wedergeboorte van de verborgen Moeder in de 21e eeuw
A3 Boeken, 2015, pap, 496 pp, € 20.95, 9789077408551
Mittal, S. & G. Thursby (eds)
The Hindu World
The Routledge Worlds Series, Routledge, 2007, pap, 657 pp, € 47.90, 9780415772273
Nayar, S. J.
The Sacred and the Cinema. Reconfiguring the 'Genuinely' Religious Film
For more than half a century now, scholars have debated over what comprises a 'genuinely' religious film - one that evinces an 'authentic' manifestation of the sacred. Often these scholars do so by pitting the 'successful' films against those which propagate an inauthentic spiritual experience - with the biblical spectacular serving as their most notorious candidate.

This book argues that what makes a filmic manifestation of the sacred true or authentic, may say more about a spectator or critic's particular way of knowing, as influenced by alphabetic literacy, than it does about the aesthetic or philosophical - and sometimes even faith-based - dimensions of the sacred onscreen. Engaging with everything from Hollywood religious spectaculars, Hindu mythologicals, and an international array of films revered for their 'transcendental style,' The Sacred and the Cinema unveils the epistemic pressures at the heart of engaging with the sacred onscreen. The book also provides a valuable summation of the history of the sacred as a field of study, particularly as that field intersects with film.

Continuum Religious Studies, Continuum, 2012, geb, 198 pp, € 88.50, 9781441158710
Nelson-Pallmeyer, J.
Saving Christianity from Empire
te bestellen / by order
Continuum, 2005, geb, 184 pp, € 29.95, 0826416276 / 9780826416278
Neusner, J. & B.Chilton (eds)
Religious Tolerance in World Religions
Templeton Foundation Press, 2008, pap, 398 pp, € 33.95, 9781599471365
Neusner, J. & Chilton, B. (eds)
The Golden Rule. The Ethics of Reciprocity in World Religions
Continuum, 2008, pap, 185 pp, € 27.50, 9781847062963
Nissen, P. en S. Verdonk
Vantilt, 2016, pap, 175 pp, € 19.95, 9789460042607
Overmeyer, D.L.
Religion in China Today
China Quarterly Special Issues, no 3, Cambridge UP, 2004, pap, 235 pp, € 29.99, 9780521538237
Oxtoby, W. & A.F. Segal (eds)
A Concise Introduction to World Religions. Second Edition
A Concise Introduction to World Religions, second edition, is a contributed volume that examines the development of major global faith traditions and movements. Based on the best-selling two-volume set World Religions: Eastern and World Religions: Western Traditions, this text explores the origins, central teachings, divisions and branches, rituals and practices, influences on culture, and responses to modern challenges for each tradition in an accessible and engaging style. Each chapter combines detailed analysis with excerpts from sacred texts, hymns, and prayers; focus boxes that draw attention to key rituals and figures; and full-colour photographs that more effectively illustrate the practices, rituals, and symbols characteristic of each faith. Other pedagogical features include a 'Tradition at a Glance' box that itemizes the fundamental characteristics and statistics for each tradition; a 'Major Branches of...' box that provides a breakdown of the divisions within each tradition; a map to situate the evolution of each faith; and a timeline that catalogues significant events. Each chapter concludes with a glossary, study questions, and further readings and recommended websites lists. B3114
Oxford UP, 2011, pap, 630 pp, € 79.90, 9780195437744
Oxtoby, W.G. & A. Hussain (eds)
World Religions. Western Traditioms, third edition
Oxford UP, 2010, pap, 462 pp, € 43.50, 9780195427172
Partridge, Christopher (red )
Handboek van de wereldgodsdiensten
Het Handboek van de wereldgodsdiensten biedt een compleet overzicht van de grote wereldgodsdiensten. Het Handboek besteedt niet alleen aandacht aan de grote religies van jodendom, christendom, islam, hindoeisme en boeddhisme, maar ook aan minder bekende religies zoals het jainisme, zoroastrianisme en de Sikhs.
Kok, 2006, geb, 493 pp, € 42.50, 9789043512114
Robinson, A..& H. Rodrigues
World Religions, with CD
This is an introductory textbook looking at the twelve major world religious traditions. Each religion is considered in three equal parts: its history, beliefs and practices. In an introductory book such as this, only a broad description is given, and it will undoubtedly apply more to the majority tradition than a small subgroup within it. However the book is written with subgroups and further subdivisions in mind, and aims to be as inclusive as possible in its descriptions of histories, beliefs and practices. The book is designed with the undergraduate in mind, and presents a clear and condensed portrait of the major traditions whilst giving a sense of the importance and scope of religion in the human experience. Each chapter follows a consistent format for ease of use. The pages are laid out with boxed features on the right side of right-facing pages which provide short summaries of the major features of each religion; these are designed as quick study aids and a fast entry into the world of religious traditions. The book also comes with a CD-ROM
SCM Core Text Series, SCM Press, 2006, pap, 300 pp, € 37.50, 9780334040149
Schouten, H.
De vijf religies van de wereld. Hun oorsprong, bronnen, leer, leefregels, stromingen en verhalen
Kok, 2004, pap, 157 pp, € 19.90, 9789043508865
Shackle, C. & A. Singh Mandair ( eds)
Teachings of the Sikh Gurus. Selections from the Sikh Scriptures
by order / te bestellen
Routledge, 2005, pap, 164 pp, € 30.95, 0415266041 / 9780415266048
Sharma, A. (red.)
The Worlds Religions. A Contemporary Reader
Fortress Press, 2010, pap, 371 pp, € 33.50, 9780800697464
Smart, N.
Godsdiensten van de wereld
Kok, 2003, geb, 640 pp, € 63.90, 9789043500456
Smart, Ninian
The Worlds Religions, 2nd revised edition
Cambridge UP, 1998, pap, 608 pp, € 58.95, 9780521637480
Smith, D.W. & E.G. Burr
Understanding World Religions: A Road Map for Justice and Peace
Rowman & Littlefield, 2008, pap, 398 pp, € 32.25, 9780742550551
Strmiska, M.F
Modern Paganism in World cultures. Comparative Perspecives
Religion in Contemporary cultures, ABV-Clio Ltd, 2006, geb, 382 pp, € 98.50, 1851096086 / 9781851096084
Tabbert, M.A.
American Freemasons: Three Centuries of Building Communities
National Heritage Museum/NY UP, 2006, pap, 261 pp, € 25.25, 978081478023
Tvedtnes, J. A., B. M. Hauglid & J. Gee (comp. & eds)
Traditions about the Early Life of Abraham, Studies in the Book of Abraham 1
Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies, Brigham Young UP, 2001, geb, 565 pp, € 47.50, 0934893594 / 9780934893596
Urubshurow, V.K.
Introducing World Religions
Routledge, 2008, pap, 388 pp, € 32.50, 9780415772709
Verstehen, Verstandigung, Verantwortung, Herausgegeben von Karl Kardinal Lehman
Verlag der Weltreligionen, 2010, geb, 321 pp, € 15.00, 9783458710257
West, M.L.
The Hymns of Zoroaster. A New Translation of the Most Ancient Sacred Texts of Iran
Zoroaster was one of the greatest and most radical religious reformers in the history of the world. The faith that he founded some 2600 years ago in a remote region of central Asia flourished to become the bedrock of a great empire as well as its official religion. Zoroastrianism is still practised today in parts of India and Iran and in smaller communities elsewhere, where its adherents are known as Parsis. It has the distinction of being one of the most ancient religions in the world: only Hinduism can lay claim to greater antiquity. The foundation texts of this venerable system of belief are the founder's own passionate poems, known as the Gathas ('Songs'), and a short ritual composed soon after his death, called the "Liturgy in Seven Chapters". These hymns are the authentic utterances of a religious leader whose thought was way ahead of his time, and are among the most precious relics of human civilization. After so many millennia they continue to speak to us of an impressively austere theology and of an inspiring and easily understood moral code. Yet existing translations are few, divergent in their interpretations of the original Avestan language of Zoroaster, and frequently hard to access. M.L. West's new translation, based on the best modern scholarship, and augmented by a substantial introduction and notes, makes these powerfully resonant texts available to a wide audience in clear and accessible form.
I.B.Tauris, 2010, pap, 182 pp, € 22.95, 9781848855052
Whitehouse, H. & L.H. Martin (eds)
Theorizing Religious Past. Archeology, History, and Cognition
Cognitive Science of Religion Series, Altamira Press, 2004, pap, 249 pp, € 31.95, 0759106215 / 9780759106215
Wilkinson, Ph.
Unieboek Focus Serie, Unieboek, 2009, pap, 352 pp, € 27.95, 9789047510246