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Alter, Robert
The Wisdom Books
Norton, 2010, geb, 394 pp, € 36.95, 9780393068122
Freuling, G.
'Wer eine Grube graebt...' Der Tun-Ergehen-Zusammenhang und sein Wandel in der alttestamentlichen Weisheitsliteratur
Wissenschaftliche Monographien zum Alten und Neuen Testament 102, Neukirchener, 2004, geb, 301 pp, € 55.00, 9783788720070
Hunter, A.
Wisdom Literature
This textbook is aimed at undergraduates on level two or three courses relating to Old Testament Wisdom literature. The book begins with a consideration of what the term 'wisdom literature' means in Hebrew usage, and also examines which biblical materials might properly be classified as belonging to the category of wisdom literature. The cultural and political context of ancient Israel is examined, together with an analysis of the key problem of whether or not there were any practical levels of literacy in the period in question. The middle section of the book looks in more depth at those books considered to contain 'wisdom literature': Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Wisdom of Solomon and Ecclesiasticus. The genre is characterised by praise of God, often in poetic form and by sayings of wisdom intended to teach about God and about virtue. Questions of authorship, editing, interpretation, the historical context of some of the writings, the book's major themes and sub-themes and the latest criticisms of each are laid out for discussion and analysis. The book is written with the undergraduate in mind, and is full of pedagogical features including tables and summaries of data, which allows for a more intensive agenda and for those with knowledge of classical Hebrew to pursue individual themes at greater depth.
SCM Core Text Series, SCM Press, 2006, pap, 291 pp, € 29.00, 9780334040156
Murphy, R.E.
The Tree of Life. An Exploration of Biblical Wisdom Literature
by order
Eerdmans, 2002 (3d edition), pap, 286 pp, € 27.50, 0802839657 / 9780802839657
Penchansky, David
Understanding Wisdom Literature. Conflict and Dissonance in the Hebrew Text
Israelite wisdom, literature, David Penchansky argues, records the disputes of ancient sages over basic human questions: What is the purpose of life? Is God just? Why do we suffer? Does God even exist? Penchansky sees confl icting answers to these questions in Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes, Ben Sira, and the Wisdom of Solomon -- and does not try to harmonize them. Instead, he fi nds meaning in the very dissonance and contradiction within these texts.

Employing the latest scholarship yet remaining accessible to nonspecialists and students, Penchansky strikingly focuses on the "big picture" behind wisdom literature -- making it easy for readers to follow and appreciate these challenging texts -- without undermining each book's distinctive features. In the process, Penchansky opens up this rich and fertile vein of Israelite thought and demonstrates the renewed relevance of ancient Hebrew wisdom for today.

Eerdmans, 2012, pap, 129 pp, € 19.95, 9780802867063
Perdue, L.G.
The Sword and the Stylus: An Introduction to Wisdom in the Age of Empires
Eerdmans, 2008, pap, 502 pp, € 33.90, 9780802862457
Perdue, L.G.
Wisdom Literature. A Theological History
WJK, 2007, pap, 415 pp, € 36.95, 9780664229191
Perdue, L.G. (ed.)
Scribes, Sages, and Seers. The Sage in the Eastern Mediterranean World
By Order
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2008, geb, 286 pp, € 99.50, 9783525530832