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Aangekondigd voor 1 september 2014
Aristoteles in Nederlandse vertaling, Historische Uitgeverij, 2014, geb, € 45.00, 9789065540089
Cross, R.
The Medieval Christian Philosophers
IB Tauris, 2013, pap, € 25.00, 9781848855434
Dickens, A. J.
The I.B. Tauris History of Monasticism
From the earliest centuries of the church, asceticism and the contemplative life have been profoundly important aspects of western Christianity. And in assessing the glories of western civilization, perhaps the best place to start is within medieval monastic institutions, not outside of them. For while monasteries withdrew from the main currents of their societies, until the rise of universities in the 12th century they provided fertile soil and sanctuary to the liberal arts and sciences as well as those who wanted to spend their lives focused upon God. They became the driving cultural forces of Europe, nurturing education, music, manuscript illumination, art and history, agriculture, animal husbandry - all in addition to spiritual guidance. In this first general history of monasticism since 1900, Andrea Dickens explores the cloistered communities and individuals who have aspired to the ascetic ideal in their religious life, assessing the impact they have made on the wider church and its practices. She discusses some of the best known names in Christian history - including Cuthbert, Columba, Hilda of Whitby, Peter Abelard and Thomas Merton - and traces the monastic impulse from its beginnings in the Egyptian desert through the Rule of St Benedict, Cluny's foundation in 910, the austerity of the Cistercians, the legacy of women's houses, the critique of Luther and Calvin, Trappists and Catholic reform, up to the present-day ecumencial Taize community. Offering a lively and informed overview of western monasticism, the book will be essential reading for students of history and religion as well as the lay reader.
IB Tauris, 2013, geb, € 49.90, 9781848853768
Hector, K.
Schleiermachers Speeches on Religion
Continuum, 2013, pap, 192 pp, € 20.00, 9780567476852
Holland, E.
Deleuze and Guattaris A Thousand Plateaus
Continuum, 2013, pap, € 22.50, 9780826423023
Hryn, H. (ed.)
Churches and States. Studies on the History of Christianity in the Ukraine
Harvard Papers in Ukrainian Studies, Harvard UP, 2013, 440 pp, € 39.90, 9781932650068
Kean, M.
IB Tauris, 2013, geb, € 29.00, 9781845119980
Papadogiannakis, Y.
Christianity and Hellenism in the Fifth - Century Greek East : Theodorets Apolegetics against the Greeks in Context
Harvard UP, 2013, pap, 200 pp, € 20.90, 9780674060678
Perdue, L.
Israel and Empire: A Postcolonial History of Israel and Early Judaism
This is an examination of Ancient Israel and the Hebrew Bible through the lens of Postcolonial interpretation and Empire Studies. "Israel and Empire" introduces students to the history, literature, and theology of the Hebrew Bible and texts of early Judaism, enabling them to read these texts through the lens of postcolonial interpretation. This approach should allow students to recognize not only how cultural and socio-political forces shaped ancient Israel and the worldviews of the early Jews but also the impact of imperialism on modern readings of the Bible. Perdue and Niang cover a broad sweep of history, from 1300 BCE to 72 CE, including the late Bronze age, Egyptian imperialism, Israel's entrance into Canaan, the Davidic-Solomonic Empire, the Assyrian Empire, the Babylonian Empire, the Persian Empire, the Greek Empire, the Maccabean Empire, and Roman rule. Additionally the authors show how earlier examples of imperialism in the Ancient Near East provide a window through which to see the forces and effects of imperialism in modern history.
Continuum, 2013, pap, 336 pp, € 36.50, 9780567243287
Silvestri, S.
Europe`s Muslim Women. Beyond the Burqa Controversy
The burqa debate is making headlines throughout Europe, including France, Belgium, Spain and Italy. In this timely book, Sara Silvestri argues that it is time to move beyond the burqa debate to appreciate how complex, multifaceted and diverse the life experiences and identities of Europe's Muslim women are. Building on years of research on Islam in Europe and on recent fieldwork among Muslim women in five European countries, this groundbreaking book offers an innovative comparative perspective on Europe's Muslim women. Between 2008 and 2010, Silvestri conducted on-the-ground research in Britain, Belgium, France, Italy and Spain. Through interviews and questionnaires, the author examined the views of a wide range of Muslim women from a variety of backgrounds. This book brings to the foreground the voices, daily concerns, aspirations, and challenges of these women, beyond sterile discussions 'about' them and their clothes. It investigates Muslim women's agency, their position as relational individuals in the family, the community, the society in which they live, and shows the inadequacy of understanding them through fixed typologies and trite discourses of victimhood and oppression. Silvestri offers an unprecedented insight into Muslim women's experiences within Europe (as opposed to the Middle East, Asia or North Africa), which focuses on their personal experiences as women, their relationship to and understanding of faith, their understanding of tradition, their contacts with and perception of their communities of reference, and, most importantly, their views, interaction, and contribution to European society.
C Hurst & Co Publishers Ltd, 2013, pap, 256 pp, € 23.95, 9781849041188
Spellberg, D. A.
Politics, Gender, and the Islamic Past
D. A. Spellberg's innovative reading of the life of 'A'isha bint Abi Bakr (d. 678), the Prophet Muhammad's most beloved and controversial wife, has become a classic guide to a foundational figure in Islam. Rather than recount 'A'isha's tale chronologically, Spellberg builds a textual and contextual biography from multiple medieval, contesting sources, which depict various interpretations of 'A'isha's life and their impact on the changing status of women in early Islam. 'A'isha's historical legacy straddles the divide between emerging Sunni majority and Shi i minority visions of the proper role of women in the medieval period. Debates in both communities over an accusation of adultery against 'A'isha as a wife and her bold political engagement as a widow in the first civil war of 656 CE continue to reveal bitter sectarian differences within the Islamic community. Joint Sunni-Shi i condemnation of 'A'isha's political actions also demonstrate the ongoing, exclusively male control of Islamic discourse. In her new introduction, Spellberg follows renewed interest in 'A'isha among both Muslim women and men, who now promote a positive reinterpretation of her political precedent. Yet in recent Western fictional accounts, Spellberg argues, 'A'isha's fame has grown only through renewed controversy without an additional understanding of her true historical importance.
Columbia UP, 2013, pap, € 28.00, 9780231153935
Thompson, J.
Een geschiedenis van Egypte. Van de vroegste tijd tot nu
verschijnt feb 2013
Bulaaq, 2013, pap, ca 480 pp, € 29.50, 9789054601784